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Static Text Field Mapping Use Case Examples


Using the "Static Text" option in Step 4 Field Mapping can be useful to capture information back to Salesforce or other systems.

Need to make sure Leads that flow into Mailchimp from your website then flow back to Salesforce with a field that designates from which Landing Page they originated?

SyncApps can do that in Step 4 Field Mapping, so, In order to accomplish this task, just enable the "Static Text mapping" option for your SyncApps in the Field Mapping section of Step 4, which can be found at the very bottom of the options in the Fields drop-down menu.

Note: Static text only works for new records and does not update existing ones.

"Static text mapping" should enable you to label leads flowing from each Set Up from your "Main Audience " in Mailchimp back to your CRM, Financials, or eCommerce platform.

When a new lead signs up from your site and then automatically lands in the Mailchimp Audience, which is, in this case, the "Main Audience," you are all set as your chosen Static Text field name will be mapped to their record on the sync.  

Using a single Salesforce instance with multiple Constant Contact or other marketing automation solutions and need a way to know which Constant Contact account the Campaign is coming from?

Following the same example above, just enable the "Static Text mapping" option for your SyncApps in the Field Mapping section of Step 4, Campaign Fields, and map the Constant Contact Account name that the Campaign is coming from to designate how this looks on the Salesforce Campaign.

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