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Static text field mapping best practices from a Website form to NetSuite, Salesforce, Zoho and other CRMs or eCommerce platforms

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Many subscriber use cases kinda go like this:

I would love for you to add a "Static Text" option to the available fields to map on my Subscription and Interests integration, so I can capture the source of our Mailchimp signups in Salesforce as "Website Sign Up" so is this possible?


If a client signs up online with a web form then lands in Mailchimp we want to give them a label (ghost client) if they don’t schedule an appointment inside Mindbody.


We are trying to sync a new Mailchimp Form to our existing NetSuite CRM.

We are bringing the records in as new leads and are populating an existing Mailchimp Group we created from a Saved Search on the NetSuite CRM side using SyncApps. (A NetSuite Saved Search will create a Mailchimp Group using SyncApps)

The prospects will self-select the Mailchimp Group. We have a required field in NetSuite CRM called Lead Source which has numerous drop-down options we do not want to ask prospects to select from on the Mailchimp Form.

We would like to pull over a specific value for that field and have created a lead source called "From Mailchimp Forms" each time.

In testing, we "see" the mapping option for Lead Source, but the system is not recognizing the value when we put in the default merge tag value... We tried your knowledge base and Mailchimp’s before emailing again! What are we missing?

Solutions Team:

In order to accomplish this task, just enable the "static text mapping" option for your SyncApps in the Field Mapping section of Step 4 which can be found at the very bottom of the options in the drop-down menu.

"Static text mapping" should enable you to label leads flowing from each Sync Profile "Main Audience " in Mailchimp back to CRM or your eCommerce platform.

When a new lead sign up from your site then automatically lands in the Mailchimp Audience, which is, in this case, is the Sync Profile "Main Audience" you are all set as "From Mailchimp Forms" will be mapped to their record on the sync.  

If you hit any roadblocks feel free to let our 24/7 Support Team know today.

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