I need to enter our Sugar URL but I got an error message!


Hello - I am trying to sync and export my email from my Contacts in Sugar to Constant Contact. I got to the point where I need to enter our Sugar URL but I got this error message:

Unable to login to SugarCRM. Error on SOAP execution: Bad data passed in; <a href="https://mycompany.sugarondemand.com">Return to Home</a>

I don't understand the SOAP execution part of the instructions. Thanks!


You can find some URL examples if you click the  icon on the configuration page.
Web Service URL (SOAP) 

Module Type: Contacts

This is the URL of SOAP web service endpoint. Please use v2 SOAP URL. The URL should end with "service/v2/soap.php" .
  • If your SugarCRM is hosted on Sugar On-Demand, the URL will be:
  • If SugarCRM installed as root web application, the URL will be like this: 
  • if SugarCRM is installed for example under "sugar" path, the URL will be:
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