How do I sync Salesforce Person Accounts to Constant Contact lists?


I found a thread in the Cazoomi Support which has the same question I do, but my integration is Salesforce to Constant Contact. I can't Enable Additional Field Mappings - not all of them seem to be showing up. Please advise.


Thanks for the note and can you share the fields and what object they are on?


In our Person Accounts, we have a field called Relationship with pick-list values. This is how we'd like to sort.


Thanks and I think the best approach is not field mapping as your SyncApps is pulling from Salesforce Person Accounts and in which you could select members based on the Relationship drop-down list using the Marketing List feature. Configuration 
Sync email marketing data: false 
Object type: Contact 
Unsubscribe opted-out Contact: true 
Sync campaigns/list: true 
Marketing list mode: List

Now that you have 1 Sync Profile using Marketing Lists feel free to set up individual Marketing Lists for each Person Account criteria for the drop-down list called Relationship.

Each Marketing List in Salesforce will auto-create the list in Constant Contact as well as populate those members into the Master List you have specified in SyncApps setup screen for Constant Contact.

If you are on our free trial, you can also try out integrating Person Accounts using either Campaign in Salesforce synced to Lists in Constant Contact or using our Marketing List feature as well.  Both work the same way as Person Accounts can be added to either a Campaign or Marketing List in Salesforce.

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