Sync Constant Contact Email Marketing to Highrise CRM tags

Since launching our SyncApps site, we have had a lot of users referring to a "tag" error on our Highrise CRM Sync which is actually a SyncApps feature.

The Highrise CRM SyncApp currently has the following features:

    Each configured tag will be synced to a dedicated list in Constant Contact
    All tagged contacts will also sync into your configured Master list in Constant Contact

For instance, if you configure your SyncApp to sync Highrise tags A, B, C to Constant Contact Master List M.
The SyncApp will create 4 Constant Contact lists:

    List A  (synced from tag A)
    List B  (synced from tag B)
    List C  (synced from tag C)
    List M  (synced from tag A, B, and C)

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