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Constant Contact for Salesforce Email Opt-Out explained

Let's talk about Constant Contact and make sure the Email Opt Out field is always on track to be managed automatically by SyncApps.



  • In Constant Contact there are different groups – ACTIVE, REMOVED, DO NOT MAIL (opt-out) It might be possible that you manually place a record in the Main list in your integration and the subscriber can change their status, instead of being ACTIVE they go into a different group like Removed or DO NOT MAIL. What happens to this contact?

Well, in this case, If the contact is active then removed or on marked as "DO NOT MAIL" they are no longer on the "Main List" by default, automatically, once SyncApps runs. See Constant Contact's detailed explanation here.

Anyone in the DO NOT MAIL group is excluded from the integration by default.

If they have Opted-out in Constant Contact, we automatically check the "Email Opt Out” Field in Salesforce each time the integration runs.

  • If only the ACTIVE contacts are synced then what happens to contacts that are then moved to a different group, for example, What happens if they are in the REMOVED group?

Only those in the Main List are synced unless otherwise selected in Step 2 to sync other lists and we go into detail more on that topic here.

Find out more about how Constant Contact for Salesforce integration works on our dedicated page here or book us for your very own demo.

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