Constant Contact for Salesforce for unsubscribe data


I signed up for Cazoomi and am working on getting the campaigns set up in SalesForce so I can sync to Constant Contact. I am putting all the contacts I want to SYNC in a Master Sync List in Cc.

Questions -

1) in Constant Contact there are 3 different groups – ACTIVE, REMOVED, DO NOT MAIL (opt-out) It is possible that I put someone in the Master SyncApps list and then they change status, instead of being ACTIVE they go into a different group. What happens to this contact?

2) If only the ACTIVE contacts are synced then what happens to contacts that are then moved to a different group, for example, What happens if they are in the REMOVED group?

3) Most importantly, I understand that anyone in the DO NOT MAIL group is excluded from the SYNC, but I'm wondering, is there any way to show this in SF? Can an Opt-out initiated in Constant Contact be shown in SF? For example, is there a way for the “Email Opt Out” Field in SF to get a checkbox if they OPT out in Constant Contact?


1) If contact is active then removed or Do not mail they are no longer on the "Master List" automatically.

2) Only those in "Master List" are synced, and we go into detail here:

3) If they opt out in Constant Contact, we automatically check the "Email Opt Out” Field in as well?

Here is a review of marketing metrics when you get to check those out as well.

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