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How To Keep Mailchimp Groups In Sync With Salesforce Campaigns And List Views


How Salesforce interacts with Mailchimp Group Categories and the Groups under each Category. 

Have you ever had a teammate or your sales or marketing ask you how to segment a few Groups in Mailchimp so that the records flow back to Salesforce Campaigns or List Views? 

This is simple to accomplish in your integration setup with SyncApps.

Using List Views or Campaigns, you can keep each List View or Campaign to each Mailchimp Group in sync automatically.  

Let's see how List Views work:

Create or Edit your Set Up and in Step 1 select the List Views feature and your Mailchimp Group Category in Step 2.

For this example, we will use a Mailchimp Group called, Social Events, which we will select in Step 2.

Next, select a specific List View in Step 1 to match each of your Mailchimp Groups and they will sync automatically, adding/removing subscribers from your Groups/SubGroups in Mailchimp.

Flowchart Example of how it works:


How can I add my Mailchimp Group Members to my Salesforce Campaigns?

Check out the simple steps below:


1. In your Mailchimp Audience > Group Category> Create a Subgroup with Contacts in it, for example, "Group A".

2. In Salesforce, Create a Campaign as a List with the same Name of Mailchimp Subgroup -> "Group A" 

Setting up in your Set Up

3. Setup SyncApps

A. In Step 1 of the Set Up, enable "Want to use a Campaign or List View to sync Campaign and List Members to Mailchimp?" and select the newly created Campaign in Salesforce which is "Group A"


B. In Step 2 of the Set Up, enable the "Need to use Multiple Group Categories on a Mailchimp Audience? "Need_to_use_Multiple_Group_Categories_on_a_Mailchimp_Audience_.gif

C. In the same Step, enable "Allow Multiple Group Category" with Salesforce Campaign Name "Group A" and Mailchimp Group Category used where you can find "Group A" Mailchimp Subgroup.

D. Hit Save then tap the "Reset Sync Process" button to apply the changes.

F. After tapping the "Reset Sync Process", scroll down where you can see the "Tools" then tap the "Sync Mailchimp Groups to CRM" button.

Once the sync is completed then the Mailchimp Group Contacts are now created as new Contacts or Leads in your Salesforce Campaign.

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