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How to Keep Mailchimp Groups in Sync with Salesforce Campaigns or Marketing Lists

Thanks for stopping by to catch up on how Salesforce interacts with Mailchimp Group Titles and the Groups under each. 

Have you ever had a teammate or your sales or marketing ask you how to segment a few Groups in Mailchimp so that the records flow back to Salesforce Campaigns or Marketing Lists?

This is simple to accomplish in your integration setup with SyncApps.

Using Marketing Lists or Campaigns, you can keep each Marketing List or Campaign to each Mailchimp Group in sync automatically.  

Let's see how Marketing Lists work:

Be sure to edit your Sync Profile to be sure you have selected the Marketing List package as your Marketing List mode and your Mailchimp Group title is set as well how you would like it as in the example above, Social Events.

Once you then select specific Cazoomi Marketing Lists to Sync each of the lists will sync automatically, adding/removing subscribers from your Groups/SubGroups in Mailchimp.



Flowchart Example of how it works:


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