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Best Practice for syncing metrics between Salesforce and Mailchimp


Hi, Cazoomi team we are a huge subscriber of SyncApps in South America and love the product.

However, we recently ran into issues after we created a new email campaign in Mailchimp and sent it to a list called Leads which syncs with Salesforce Leads, which has almost 50.000 subscribers. The Mailchimp Campaign was successfully synced/created in Salesforce, but it only has 5.000 Leads.

The same Mailchimp Email Campaign was also sent to our Contacts list in Mailchimp with almost 4.000 subscribers (synced with Salesforce Contacts) in which the Campaign was also successfully created in Salesforce yet has almost all of the subscriber's activity (10 less approx) so perfect.

Do you know why there is such a big difference in the Leads List sync?


We think we have found what the problem is in this sync. From the SyncApps logs, we can see that there are 10,000s of campaign recipient's emails in the Mailchimp Leads List which are not lead yet in Salesforce. That is why the synced Campaign Responses number in Salesforce is less than the actual Campaign Members in Mailchimp.

Please note Campaign Responses for an email address that is in Mailchimp but not in Salesforce will not be synced.

Additionally, the number of synced leads (4) compared to the number of leads in Salesforce (>40K) causes very inefficient sync.

The following is the best practice in SyncApps and most efficient in the sync process.

1. Sync contacts/leads from Salesforce (all records/most of the records)
2. Send an email campaign to all/part of the synced contacts or leads in Step 1
3. Sync Campaign Responses back to the synced contacts or leads

Salesforce Campaign Member Status:

SyncApps always update Salesforce Campaign Member Status with the latest status, one of the following:

  • Clicked:  If the recipient clicked 
  • Opened: If the recipient opened
  • Bounced: Email Bounced
  • Unsubscribed: opted out an email campaign
  • Sent: If the recipient is a member of the Email Marketing Campaign and none of the above statuses applied.



Mailchimp API does not have an efficient way to update for "Sent" in the Campaign Member Status for Automation Campaigns (not regular Email Campaigns) as Mailchimp does not give timestamp when the actual sending is done.  This status can sometimes not always be 100% correct.


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