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Constant Contact for Salesforce Connector v2.0 InfoTransfer, retired?

UPDATE: The Constant Contact for Salesforce Connector v2.0 has been deprecated, please see how to integrate using SyncApps today here:

Deprecated Salesforce Connector v2.0 Infotransferbest practice is to remove this software from Salesforce first.

Our solution is now being used by 1000s of Salesforce & Constant Contact subscribers in its place to provide Constant Contact customers a reliable and efficient way to connect their data. Constant Contact for Salesforce Integration 


One item that we learned during our Constant Contact tutorial was when uploading Salesforce contacts to Constant Contact there is a 200 contact limit. Does Cazoomi have contact upload limitations?


There is no limit on the number of contacts you can transfer automatically as many of our subscribers sync over 1,000,000 contacts and lead each week from website forms, Salesforce entries, and list building activities.

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Another item of concern for us was the campaign responses. In order to view the responses in a contact's profile in Salesforce, all users had to have the Constant Contact software installed on their Salesforce. Is this the same in Cazoomi?


All Constant Contact email marketing metrics sync to the Native Salesforce Campaign History object which is available for all users of your Salesforce Organization.


We have the Enterprise edition of Salesforce and up to 30 Salesforce users. Do all Cazoomi packages (Enterprise, Professional, Basic, Free) work with our Salesforce account?


Yes, except Basic which does not have Salesforce CRM included in the plan.


Can you tell us what the benefits are of having multiple Sync profiles? We just need a basic sync service - Salesforce to Constant Contact. We don't need Constant Contact to talk to other software we install to Salesforce.


Sure, since Salesforce has Accounts, Person Accounts, and Leads or Contacts, then each Profile is needed per each object.  If using Person Accounts as Contacts choose the Contact Object Type to Sync.

So if you have leads and contacts in SFDC to sync then, you would need 2 Profiles, and Sync Profiles allows the added flexibility & room to grow into SyncApps if you have other data to sync.

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