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What does this error mean (Error code: INVALID_SEARCH_MORE)?


I have just received this error while attempting a full sync of NetSuite to Zendesk:

Error on sync: Invalid searchMore operation. Please make sure that you have had a successful search operation before you can perform any searchMore operation. (Error code: INVALID_SEARCH_MORE)


That error means there is another application doing a search while SyncApps is in the middle of getting a search result. The next sync should be fine if there is no interruption.

Do you have other integration/application connect to your NetSuite other than SyncApps? If so be sure and schedule your sync to run at another time to not interfere with other search occurring in NetSuite.

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    Vaishali B

    Hi @Cazoomi,

    another application doing search means, another application also using Suitetalk  performing search or Netsuite user performing search
    I am also having one syncapp which is using suitetalk service and TBA authentication in which I am facing similar kind of issue

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