Parature to JIRA real-time sync timing?


Our scheduling is set to every five minutes for each of the 50 Sync Profiles (Parature to JIRA) yet it seems to be all over the map in sync timing. 

How does the syncing work? Is it concurrent, or does one follow after the other in the list? Some of these times are 5-10 minutes, but others are up to 45.



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This is caused by our sync timing rule, "only one profile will be executed at any given time in an account". This helps to minimize concurrency issues with all our subscribers as well as avoid issues with many systems which do not allow multiple connections at the same time.

For a profile set to sync every 5 minutes, after each sync is run in the next 5 minutes the profile is queued waiting all profiles in the queue to be run.

So for example if a sync takes 5 seconds - 1 minute then the time to complete all 50 syncs is around 4 - 50 minutes (a profile will need to wait 5 - 50 minutes before it is run again).

The time between syncs for a profile varies depending on the sync time of other profiles in an account. If only using one profile then the sync will run every 5 minutes.


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