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Email Campaigns synced to Zoho CRM Custom Modules

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Are you using Zoho CRM Enterprise Edition? If so, then this article is made exactly for you!

Modules in Zoho CRM let you organize and keep track of various aspects that help run your business. Now, you want your Email Marketing Metrics synced back to these Modules, right? With SyncApps, you can choose to sync Campaign Responses to Custom Modules in Zoho CRM.

This means that you can use Zoho Custom Records to store all Campaign Responses from Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Act-On, or other Marketing Automation solutions you use that we support.

Please note that Zoho’s Custom Module feature is only available in Zoho CRM’s Enterprise Edition.

If you wish to use Custom Modules for Campaign Responses, first you will need to select Sync to Custom Modules option on the Campaign Response Sync Method field in the Zoho CRM SyncApps configuration.


  • Also, note that your CRM administrator will also need to create 2 Custom Modules for this feature.

    1. Email Campaigns Custom Module to store Marketing Automation Campaign information; and
    2. Campaign Responses Module to store the details of subscribers Campaign Metrics such as the number of opens, clicks, etc.

    After your Custom Modules are created, you will then need to create Custom Fields for each Module:

  • Custom Module: Email Campaigns
Custom Field Name Data Type
Sent Date DateTime
  • Custom Module: Campaign Responses
Custom Field Name Data Type Related List Label
Email Campaign Lookup - Email Campaign Campaign Responses
Contact Lookup - Contact Campaign Responses
Lead Lookup - Lead Campaign Responses
Opens Number  
Clicks Number  
Bounces Number  
Email Events TextArea (Large)  
Sent Date Date Time  
  • Note - mapping Forwards works only for Constant Contact API
Forwards Number  

In your SyncApps configuration, you will need to enter the custom module id (not module label) so SyncApps will know which module to be used.

The Custom Module name to use for Email Campaigns and Campaign Responses are CustomModule2 and CustomModule1 respectively.

The Custom Module name is not displayed name, usually, it is in the format: "CustomModuleX".


Note that, Custom Field names and data type must match the above table otherwise the sync will not work properly. 

To add Custom Modules please open the following URL:

To add custom Fields please open the following URL:


WFtrigger or Zoho CRM Workflow support for Contact/Lead update (opt-out, bounce, etc) is supported in Step 1 of your Sync Profile.

Zoho CRM Workflow Triggers are explained here.

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You can always reach out to us if you encounter any problems as we are online 24/7, to make sure you get the most out of your integration.

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