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Sync NetSuite Subscription(s) to Marketing Automation List(s)

NetSuite Subscription(s) to Marketing Automation List(s)

Unsubscribing from your Marketing Automation solution's List will remove a subscriber from the NetSuite subscription.

NetSuite's Global subscription status is not taken into account nor affected in any way.

Each NetSuite Subscription will create a List automatically for Constant Contact, Delivra, VerticalResponse, and others.

Mailchimp Audience needs to be created prior to setup of the Sync Profile and named in Step 2 of set up.

This feature is also available on any 2 week Trial of SyncApps.

Marketing Automation Scenario(s) in which this feature really works well:

Step 1: The Enterprise subscriber sets up 10 Sync Profiles, sets each to sync a unique NetSuite Subscription to a Mailchimp Audience.

Step 2: A Subscriber in Mailchimp unsubscribes from Mailchimp Audience #3 thus opt-outs their record in NetSuite for this Subscription #3 yet the Customer/Contact is NOT unsubscribed and synced to NetSuite's Global Opt-Out as they have still Opted into 9 Mailchimp Audience

You will just need X number (in the above use case 10) Sync Profiles to sync X (in this use case 10) number of subscriptions.

Each subscription you currently have in NetSuite under Setup > Marketing > Campaign Subscriptions will be available to select in each Sync Profile Step 1 of the configuration.




Once this is set up in each Sync Profile then anytime a subscriber in your marketing automation platform like Mailchimp unsubscribes from an Audience the NetSuite Subscription will be updated.

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