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NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk Organisation fields?

Hi there! If you're here then you are probably having a bit of trouble with NetSuite Customer record fields.

Don't worry as we are here to guide you thru it.

Below is a use case you can follow through to solve the snag you're on.


I’m just trying to confirm if there’s any way to sync information from NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk Organisation fields?

I’ve been able to set up syncing from NetSuite Customer record fields to Zendesk User fields only at this stage. The syncing options in SyncApps allow for Ticket and Customer. The Customer fields relate only to the Zendesk User fields.

Is there any way to change this / a workaround available?


Absolutely, please head to Step 1 and check out this feature below.


It's a cool feature called "Allow organization fields mapping" in Step 1 of your integration. Once enabled please also create or use an existing NetSuite Contact Saved Search and place the Internal ID, Name, and Type in Step 2 and check enable "Create Zendesk organization for each synced Contact's company" option.


Finally, head to Step 4 and Refresh fields in the field mapping page of your integration.


Best Practice:

Remove any NetSuite Customer Saved Search in Step 1 of your configuration, if you have one currently, as SyncApps will use NetSuite Contact Saved Search to correlate the NetSuite Contact's Customer to Zendesk Organization.

If you encounter any snags, please reach out to our 24/7 Support team. We'd love to help you out.

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