Data integration for QuickBooks Online is hard. Let SyncApps do it!

Synchronize your MINDBODY Online to QuickBooks. Once available to only Fortune 1000 companies, SyncApps introduces a way for your business applications to talk to each other for less than the price of a Netflix subscription.


Data integration is hard.  Let SyncApps do it!

QuickBooks Online with MINDBODY Online

Sync your  MINDBODY Online Transactions data to QuickBooks Online hassle-free and saves tons of time without manually uploading CSV's or manually inputting data. Give it a try today!

With just the easy Steps, just connect your two applications and set it up based on your requirements.

SyncApps will use name matching for all products to be integrated. If the specified product name does not exist in QuickBooks, a new item will be created.

Payments mapping is automatic as well yet each needs to be set up prior in QuickBooks Online.

If needing to customize the Items Mapping for an existing client you can do this in Step 3 of Setup.

Major Features

  • *Compatibility with International Version of QuickBooks Online available.
  • Sync multiple MINDBODY locations with different QuickBooks Online instances.
  • Automatically sync your MINDBODY Online Clients to QuickBooks Online Customers.
  • Custom Field Mapping between both systems.
  • Assign Client Indexes to MINDBODY clients to sync to QuickBooks.
  • Sync MINDBODY Location to QuickBooks Online Sales Receipt Notes.
  • Option to Split Discount and Tax into separate line items.
  • Sync MINDBODY Online Sales receipts to QuickBooks Online Sales Receipts with ease.
  • Migrate unlimited QuickBooks historical data via our Advanced base date feature.
  • Quickly map MINDBODY Online Products/Services to QuickBooks Online Items.
  • MINDBODY Online Products or Services are only synced to QuickBooks if a new sale is created in MINDBODY Online for the specific MINDBODY Online Product or Service.
  • MINDBODY to QuickBooks Sync is sales centric so only products and a customer in each sale from MINDBODY Online will be synced.
  • *Are you running a single studio or start-up? Ask us about our 50% discount today.



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