Sync your Email Campaign metrics back to the original Zoho CRM Campaign

Sync Email Campaign metrics from Constant Contact, MailChimp, Act-On Software & others back to the original Zoho CRM Campaign


SyncApps is great as it saves us hours each month with syncing yet we also would like to have a 1:1 relationship between the Zoho CRM Campaign to the MailChimp Campaign metrics.  

Is this possible now in SyncApps?


Yes, we finally have this feature now on our Zoho CRM SyncApps.

How it works is every Zoho CRM Campaign that you create and sync over to a MailChimp List/Group will also send the MailChimp Email Campaign stats back to the original Zoho CRM Campaign.

Just select "Campaign Response Sync Method" and choose "Sync to Zoho CRM Campaign".

The Zoho CRM Campaign name needs to be the same as the Email Campaign name you send out so be sure it matches.



One other question I have do we need to add the Leads/Contacts to the Email Campaign also or will they automatically be added via the integration?"


To make sure you are 100% successful just follow the 8 steps flow below to success!

1. Create a Campaign in Zoho CRM, add members to be included in the Zoho CRM Campaign with your Leads or Contacts (2 Sync Profiles are needed, one for Leads and one for Contacts)

2. Select the Zoho CRM Campaign to be synced to your Marketing Automation List/Group in Step 1 of your Sync Profile

3. Complete the rest of your Sync Profile and save it

4. Press Sync Now

5. The Zoho CRM Campaign will be synced to your Marketing Automation List/Group with the Leads and Contacts you included

6. Next just create an Email Campaign in your Marketing Automation solution with a name which matches the one created in Step 1 for your Zoho CRM Campaign, also include your List/Group members synced on Step 2

7. When you send the Email Campaign to your List/Group named in your Sync Profile(s) the Campaign Response will sync too

8. Campaign Responses from your Marketing Automation solution will now sync to the original Zoho CRM Campaign in subsequent syncs

Try it out and start seeing your Opens, Clicks, Bounces, and Links Clicked in your Zoho CRM Campaigns today!

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