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Sync Specific NetSuite Transaction Saved Searches To Mailchimp Groups, Constant Contact Lists or even Infusionsoft by Keap or Drip Tags

Want to use NetSuite Transactional Saved Searches to Mailchimp Groups, Constant Contact Lists, Klaviyo, or even Infusionsoft by Keap or Drip Tags, so that you can target customers who have purchased before, based on price point, a varietal of product, region, etc?

Let's go thru one example below:

In Step 1 of your integration choosing a NetSuite Saved Search is easy to do:


Whether you are integrating Customers, Contacts, Employees, Vendors, or Transactions.

This example is a Transaction Saved Search.

This can be useful to bring over to your Marketing Automation Solution those records to market which have a higher transaction value, buying patterns, and other key indicators for your business.

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Mailchimp Groups:

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Constant Contact Lists:

Easily upload your current email list to your Constant Contact account

Drip Tags:

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Infusionsoft Tags:

infusionsoft tag strategy

Get started on your Marketing Automation integration to NetSuite today.

Note: Using NetSuite Saved Searches for Customer, Contact Employee, Vendor, or Transaction from NetSuite will expose fields in the Field Mapping step for each. More than one Saved Search can be specified. NetSuite supported Saved Search record types: Contact, Customer, Partner, Transaction. 
  • Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to a Mailchimp Group within the specified Audience and Group Category.
  • Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to an Infusionsoft Tag.
  • Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to a Drip Tag.
  • Each NetSuite Saved Search will be synced to an Infusionsoft Tag.

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