Switch your SyncApps integration for Parature to the JIRA REST API in 2 minutes!

The JIRA SOAP API will be removed during the next Atlassian Cloud maintenance period on 6 July 2015.

At this time, requests to the JIRA SOAP API will not execute so please edit your SyncApps Sync Profiles using Parature to JIRA today.

We have now deployed an option to choose REST API in your Sync Profile configuration. Please login to SyncApps and edit your Sync Profile which is using the Parature to JIRA sync.

Once in edit mode please select REST API for API Type in JIRA configuration page.

Press Save button and you are all set!

Please send an email to support@cazoomi.com if you encounter any issues.

Also, hear what others are talking about on JIRA in our Cazoomi Community!

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