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Constant Contact for Basecamp

Stay more connected than ever using Basecamp to Constant Contact!

  1. Track the total number of subscribers to your newsletter
  2. Track progress on your most recent email campaigns
  3. Keep track of your contacts and fans with a few touches - Filter from Basecamp based on projects, preference, and to-dos
  4. Basecamp contact details synced to Constant Contact Never have to manually true up your contacts again! 


Basecamp and Cazoomi deliver a new way to sync Constant Contact for optimal targeted marketing!

We provide a fully integrated solution for Basecamp to Constant Contact with captured contact data, from Basecamp to Constant Contact.

How Setup Works:

1. Create your Sync Profile

2. Connect Basecamp 

3. Connect to Constant Contact and add your Main List

5. Filter and Segmentation

6. Schedule your Sync

7. Hit Sync Now to start syncing and you're all set

Give your small business an edge today with Constant Contact and if you have any questions on this integration be sure to reach out 24/7 to our Support Team.

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