MINDBODY Segmentation By Product & Service for Infusionsoft is here!


Need to know how Infusionsoft will know that a certain purchase was made in MINDBODY so your customer marketing automation can take over?

Well, good news as our team decided to roll this Addon!



*Segmentation By Product & Service Addon will allow every product sale in MINDBODY to autocreate a tag in Infusionsoft of the same name.  

Need to just select specific MINDBODY products or services which will autocreate Infusionsoft tags?  Easy to do.


Field Mapping Details:  Exact names of the fields we are mapping within MINDBODY:

  • Product Name
  • Original Product Id
  • Product Id
  • Payment Amount
  • Discount
  • Tax
  • Revenue Category Id
  • Revenue Category Name
  • Customer External ID
  • Payment Methods
  • First Payment MethodId
  • Location
  • Location ID
  • First Appointment Date
  • Last Visit Date
  • First Visit Date
  • Last Purchase Date
  • Last Purchase Product Name
  • Home Location
  • Last Teacher
  • Referred By
  • Last Class Pass Name
  • Last Class Pass Expired
  • Last Class Pass Remaining
  • Last Status Change

Try it out in your MINDBODY for Infusionsoft Sync Profile today to get your Marketing Automation rolling again!

Available in all trials and as an Addon on paid plans.




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