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How can I map a multi-select field from CRM to Mailchimp?


I have a multi-select field in NetSuite called "Registered Club" which I want to map to Mailchimp. My ultimate goal is to drive segmentation from NetSuite to Mailchimp easily for automations we have on our Audience.

I understand that the Mailchimp Audience cannot have a multi-select field. I have read a blog post which addresses the issue:

The answer says to "note in Mailchimp you will need to map each value to the CRM value of the pick-list since Mailchimp does not have this multi-select concept."  I do not understand what the process is.
In NetSuite, the field "Registered Club" has values such as "Abbotsford" "AFC - Albion FC " etc.

How would I map each value to Mailchimp? I can only see how to map one-to-one.

Cazoomi:  Yes, correct as Mailchimp does not support multi-select so you can map the "Registered Club" field to an individual Mailchimp text field. SyncApps will then sync it as comma-separated text like [Abbotsford, AFC - Albion FC].

Steps to get this setup:
Use 1 Text type merge tag, not a dropdown field but text field for "Registered Club".

Next, in SyncApps, go to your integration. While in Edit Mode, head to Step 4 of the Field Mapping area. Map the Multi-Select field in NetSuite to the Mailchimp merge tag just created as an individual text field.

Makes sense? Be sure to Reset Sync Process once done and ReSync.

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