How can I map a multiselect field from Zoho CRM to MailChimp?


I have a multiselect field in Zoho called "Industry".  I want to map this to MailChimp.

I understand that the MailChimp List cannot have a multiselect field. I read this post, which addresses the issue:

The answer says to "note in MailChimp you will need to map each value to the CRM value of the pick-list since MailChimp does not have this multiselect concept".  I do not understand what the process is.

In Zoho the field "Industry" has values such as "Automotive", "Consumer", etc. How would I map each value to MailChimp? I can only see how to map one-to-one.
Cazoomi:  Yes, correct as MailChimp does not support multiselect so you can map the Industry field to a MailChimp text field.
Typical Use Case:
My ultimate goal is just to allow my customers some subscription preferences like "appointment reminders", "closures and critical alerts", "General announcements", "Discounts and Promotions". This seems like something everyone needs and has for that matter. 
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