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Sync "Company" Type For Highrise Integrations

When SyncApps subscribers try to sync some records from Highrise integrations in the past, SyncApps would only sync records belonging to the type “Person” (includes first name, surname, email address,...).

However, based on popular demand by many Highrise subscribers which utilize Company type records today, not just Contacts, with each one having a company name and an email address, Cazoomi just rolled out this as SyncApps new enhancement to meet this growing need.

Just in time for your 2015 holiday emails!

With this new enhancement, SyncApps subscribers can now sync both Highrise record types (Person and Company).

Sync Highrise Contacts or Companies to Your Marketing Automation platform of choice.
Sync "Company" type records from Highrise CRM.

Experience this new feature today in your SyncApps by setting up a Sync Profile to sync your Highrise CRM Company records.

Email us at if you have issues or questions as you move thru it.

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