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How to set up your integration if using multiple locations utilizing separate Studio IDs from Mindbody

Did you know that the number of separate Sync Profiles is equivalent to the number of unique Mindbody (MBO) Studio IDs you have in terms of integration? 

Not the number of locations in Mindbody.

Let's take a look at the way it works with Pure Barre Studios:

If your business happens to have multiple locations utilizing separate Studio IDs from Mindbody like Pure Barre Studios that you would want to sync to Infusionsoft by Keap, then you will just need to create separate Sync Profiles for each Studio ID. If QuickBooks Online then a Separate SyncApps account is needed for Intuit API certification rules.

So for instance, since you will be on our real-time Enterprise plan integration with, let’s say 40 Mindbody locations, you have set up 2 in the above example and will need to set up 38 more Sync Profiles for them set up in the exact same way if using Infusionsoft by Keap.

Should take 5 minutes to set up each integration for each separate Mindbody Studio ID.

However, if you're just intending on syncing "Locations" in Mindbody this is optional so if it is not specified in Step 1 then SyncApps will retrieve data from all of your locations within the Mindbody site.

If you have recently added a new location which has it's own location on your Mindbody account and would like to set up similar syncing between that location on Mindbody and it's own Infusionsoft account you can set that up using the Location to Sync feature and in Step 2 use the unique Infusionsoft account needed to integrate to.

If multiple QuickBooks Online instances need to be integrated to Mindbody Studio(s) then separate SyncApps account(s) are needed for Intuit API certification rules. 

Reach out to our team for any help in this setup.

We've found that over time this should save your business 2 hours per month per location.

Feel free to drop our Support a note here if you hit any snags during the setup process.

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