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How do Hard Bounces and Soft Bounces work using Mailchimp integration?


I wanted to see the way SyncApps is treating Soft Bounces. It appears that these are being recorded along with Hard Bounces as Bounced in CRM (both in member status and in the Campaign Response field). Unfortunately, the Soft bounces are then indistinguishable from Hard Bounces.

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As you will be aware, Mailchimp "cleans" any Hard bounces from your Audience and prevents mailing to the same address.  However, soft bounces (which could be caused by a full mailbox, or other reasons) are permitted to be mailed to again, up to 7 soft bounces.

Soft vs. Hard Bounces

It would be much better if soft bounces were identified separately (i.e., Soft Bounce?) because they are treated differently to hard bounces (i.e., I would not be deleting them from our Audience or ringing up to find out if the contact has moved, for example).

If one is to be able to manage the lists via the metric data, this distinction is pretty important. Interested to hear your thoughts! 


For Campaign Response coming from Mailchimp, there are not separate soft bounce, and hard bounce calls as the API does not differentiate that information. However, for hard bounce (cleaned) status it can be synced back to a CRM custom field (checkbox type), so you can see if a contact is in hard bounce status.

Please map the field from Mailchimp to CRM today in Custom Field Mapping in Step 4 in your Sync Profile.

If you encounter any issues please reach out to us 24/7 today.

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    Nina Maresch

    Hi, how does this work for Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Mailchimp Sync? I tried the custom field mapping but there is no "MailChimp Hard Bounce*" field to select from in my sync Profile.

    Also in Dynamics CRM it would have to be mapped to a custom field in campaign response, which again I cannot control in the sync Profile. Any tips?



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    Thanks Nina and I think our team answered this back when posted on the support ticket yet just to follow up as if you press "Refresh Field Mapping" in Step 4 of the Sync Profile you will see this field *MailChimp Hard Bounce so in Dynamics CRM a field will just need to be created for it to map to.

    After adding new mapping please reset your SyncApps so all your data will be re-synced with the new mapping.

    Hope that helps,