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When Cleaning Up Lists, Don't Enable "Full Sync" But Delete All Records Manually Instead


If you use SyncApps to clean up your lists, specifically Marketing Lists, you can save a significant amount of time letting the sync process does large amounts of manual data clean up as well right from your CRM.

Speaking of cleaning up Marketing lists, a subscriber raised a good question.  With SyncApps, she was able to sync her already decreased records from CRM to VerticalResponse.  

She was expecting that the records synced to VerticalResponse (VR) are the same as the already decreased records from her CRM, but the original total records appeared instead.

It was found out that the subscriber enabled the “Full Sync” feature.  

The feature was enabled to let the subscriber sync her huge CRM database that was split into 3 Sync Profiles.  BUT, enabling the feature won’t help in syncing the updated list in your CRM but to only provide you with the original list, for it does not delete contacts.  

It only removes records from a VR list if a record is removed from the Marketing List in CRM.  So, in order to perform cleaning through SyncApps, you just need to delete all records manually in VerticalResponse then reset the sync. Below are the steps to achieve this:

  1. Delete VR Main List (the one specified in sync profile) and all its contacts.
  2. Copy Sync Profile to a new profile, so no cached information preserved. There is a copy button in the Sync Profile page.
  3. Run the new Sync Profile.
  4. Delete the old profile.

Full Sync is not suitable for this use case cleanup process. It can be used after cleanup to make sure the VR list is up-to-date if there is contact removal in CRM list, full sync will sync that removal.

If it happens that you hit any snags using our Full Sync feature, don't hesitate to contact us 24/7.

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