Zendesk for NetSuite RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Are you using the Zendesk for NetSuite RMA App?

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Since the NetSuite RMA feature can only be accessed if you purchase our "RMA feature on Zendesk App for NetSuite" Add-On in SyncApps for paid plans or request access on our 14 day Free Trial to test out, drop us an email at support@cazoomi.com to have the RMA feature turned on in your Account.

How it Works:

The RMA App should be installed/configured after your Sync Profile is created because the RMA App needs to connect to NetSuite using credentials defined in your Sync Profile.

Please open your Zendesk App up while on a Zendesk ticket to display the RMA tab and the RMA tab is only displayed if you press the customer details after a search (or by pressing customer details link), then press "Create RMA" button.

The customer's last 5 orders from NetSuite will also be displayed and if you need more don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@cazoomi.com.

You can search customers in our UI, enabling you to view customer details including the Sales Order.  After clicking the NetSuite sales order details displayed in Zendesk App, you can then create an RMA from a Sales Order.

*NetSuite Permissions required.


Do note that if you download the package from the Zendesk Apps link inside your SyncApps dashboard it does not have RMA capabilities yet. However, if you want to test the RMA feature please shoot our support@cazoomi.com team a note while in your trial.

Is it possible to create a stand-alone RMA, not created from an existing sales order?

The answer is yes. Creating a stand-alone return authorization in NetSuite is possible. But the only difference is that this will not be linked to a sale transaction.

A good use case would be issuing an RMA to an end customer where the original sale transaction was done with a distributor or a retailer.

We hope that this has helped you a lot.  

If you ever have questions, don't hesitate to drop us an email at support@cazoomi.com.

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