Campaign Summary Can Now Be Synced To Salesforce

Our Constant Contact & MailChimp to Salesforce integrations are one of 100+ integrations with 1000s of subscribers relying on it to manage their business data today. This integration allows subscribers to seamlessly sync Salesforce Accounts, Person Accounts, Contacts and Leads. It also covers other features such as filtering records to sync specific CRM records that meet your precise criteria as well as auto syncing opt-outs from Constant Contact or MailChimp to CRM and vice versa.

In a recent discussion from a subscriber, the issue revolved around the Email Campaign statistics flowing from Constant Contact to Salesforce.

The subscriber was able to see counts of how many opens, clicks, forwards, bounces, hard bounces, etc, but was wondering about the percentages for each Email Campaign that flows through from Constant Contact as the numbers were off in Salesforce.

Since not all our subscribers use Salesforce internal formula fields to source the data SyncApps brings back to Salesforce and create their own reports, we decided to implement an enhancement.

  • Campaign Summary such as the total sends, opens, clicks, etc, can now be synced to Salesforce from Constant Contact and MailChimp

In order to enable this enhancement, you will just need to create custom fields in the Salesforce Campaign Object to store the values and map it in each Sync Profile Field Mapping step.

NOTE: The values are the  total number, not the percentage. But you can easily create a formula field in Salesforce to calculate the percentage.

*For example, % Clicks = (Clicks/Sends) * 100

Let us know if you have successfully got this setup and if ever you have questions, let us know by dropping us an email at  

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