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Distinguish Orders from Handshake to Import to NetSuite

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Are you at the moment where you are trying to distinguish Orders from Handshake to Netsuite?

This is probably the best article we’ve got for you.

NetSuite to Handshake integration supports:

  • Automated syncing of Handshake records to NetSuite from a subscriber’s Sales representative’s mobile device or B2B eCommerce portal.
  • Sync orders, inventory levels, items and pricing from Handshake to NetSuite.
  • Sync customer information bi-directionally between Handshake and NetSuite.
  • Map NetSuite Custom Fields and Saved Searches with Handshake.

How about wanting to add Order status on imports from Handshake to NetSuite? Like, choosing the NetSuite Order status in the Sync Profile for how they would be imported?



This is the use case of one of our subscribers which have some workflows in place that imports all Handshake Orders as Pending Fulfillment. However, the said subscriber wants those Orders to be imported as Pending Approval, yet unwilling to change/remove its current workflows.

To make it even more clear, the subscriber wants to distinguish a NetSuite status such as Pending Approval, Pending Fulfillment, etc. for all orders to be synced.

Know that by default, orders imports as Pending Approval. But, regarding the concern, orders that are under the selected NetSuite status, in this case, Pending Approval, is actually what the subscriber wanted which is currently being imported under Pending Fulfillment due to the custom workflows.

As a solution for this, writing a workflow inside of NetSuite that set Order status on creation. To determine whether the order comes from Handshake or from other web services utility that syncs to NetSuite, you have to create a Custom Field.

For example, “Created Form”. In SyncApps mapping, you can populate that custom field with static text “Handshake”.

In a workflow, the subscriber can easily create logic below:

IF Created From == "Handshake" THEN Set OrderStatus to "Pending Approval" ELSE Set OrderStatus to "Pending Fulfilment" 


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