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Zoho CRM Specific List Views Integrated To Marketing Automation Software

What are Zoho CRM List Views?


A List View is a grouping of records based on a defined set of criteria.  List Views are beneficial for displaying customer-specific data according to your business requirements.  

Now imagine all of your List Views in Zoho CRM available to sync to the likes of Mailchimp Groups or Segments, Constant Contact Lists, Pardot, and many others!

SyncApps has a List Views feature just for your use cases!

For example, you may be interested in following up on the leads created during the last week or reviewing overdue tasks, or you may want to filter out big deals.  The best way to handle these scenarios is to filter the records using the list views. You can also use List Views for changing record owners, deleting records in bulk, and sending mass emails.

Zoho CRM provides a set of Standard list views that are ready to be used by all the users in your organization. In addition, you can also create list views and share them with colleagues in your organization.

  • Standard List Views: You can modify the standard views and sort the order of the columns in the list. You cannot delete these list views.
  • Custom List Views: You can create, modify and delete the custom views and you can also sort the order of the columns in the list.

List views are categorized under Created By Me and Shared With Me. You can also mark list views that you often use as Favorites, and those will be listed first in the List View drop-down.

Just tap the Star next to a list view, and it will be available under Favorites.

Please see here for more information on Zoho CRM Help

Are you using Zoho CRM Tag(s)?

 Zoho CRM is not quite prime time yet with their Tags API yet when they release it we will support it.

How does it work with SyncApps?

  • In Step 1 of your Set Up, you will need to select "Sync Specific List Views" under the Sync Mode feature.  This will then create a Group/Segment or List under your specified Main List, Audience in Step 2 of the Set Up.
  • Please note that only the records under this Specific List View(s) will be synced to your marketing automation solution.  If wanting to sync all the List Views then just leave all the checkboxes inside of the pop-up menu for the Sync Specific List Views unchecked.
  • Then tap "Sync Now," or if you have finished updating your Set Up configuration, then you have to finally, Reset Sync Process and Resync.

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