Campaign Response Sync Types or Modes



Sync Campaign Response means that we will bring back the metrics to CRM from your Marketing Automation solution such as opens, clicks, bounces, and clicked links. 


Create Salesforce Campaign

  • This option will create a Campaign in Salesforce from your Marketing Automation solution with the Campaign Members in it together with the individual Campaign Metrics.


Create Salesforce Activity 


  • If this option is selected then each event such as Opening, Clicking will create a new Activity (Task) in Salesforce.  Also, an option for tracking URLs clicked and send the event as Tasks.
  • By default clicked URL is synced to activity description field.


If you need to sync it to a specific custom field say, for example, "Clicked URL" you will need to create a new Task/Activity custom field and map it in SyncApps.


Create Salesforce Campaign + Activity 


  • This option is a combination of Option 1 and Option 2.

Create Contacts or Lead Notes 


  • If using this option then no extra field placement is needed. We will sync back your Email Campaign(s) to Salesforce Notes and in addition, add an attachment of the Email sent to Leads and Contacts.  (Designed for Financial Institutions, Insurance Agencies, Banks and others for compliance reasons)

Create Salesforce Campaign Only (No Campaign Member)


  • This Option will create a Campaign in Salesforce from your Marketing Automation that has the total number of Campaign Metrics from a specific Campaign.  This will not sync Campaign Members. 
  • To setup fields to see the total number of Campaign Metrics or the Summary please see this article linked.

After selecting the preferred Campaign Response Sync Mode in Step 1 of the Sync Profile, next you can map the totals for the Campaign Response fields in Step 4 for the Campaigns you send out back to Salesforce.

Please note that the Campaign tab fields may vary based on the chosen Sync Mode selected in Step 1.

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