Remove Inactive or deleted Customers from Constant Contact for QuickBooks Online

Wanting to get rid of those unwanted emails or inactive contacts in Constant Contact? Here's how you do it:

Head to Step 1 of your Sync Profile and select "Remove Inactive/deleted Customers from Constant Contact".

If a Customer is made inactive, SyncApps will remove the email address from Constant Contact.

Once this selection is chosen don't forget to Save, Reset Sync Process and Resync.



Get the right Contacts with specific email Campaigns to Constant Contact:

You will need to enable the Filtering and Segmentation feature in Step 4 of the Sync Profile.

If you want to filter out the specific contacts, let's say these contacts' Company Name contains "ABC". Set the filter to:

Company name > Contains > ABC


Once this is set then this will filter out contacts from QuickBooks Online with ABC Company name and will create a list in Constant Contact under the Specific Master List.

If wanting to add more segment on your Filter, just tap " Add a new Segment" then this will create a separate list in Constant Contact. Just the same procedures above when setting up criteria.

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