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Integrate Navatar to Mailchimp, Constant Contact and more

The long wait is over!  You can now integrate Navatar on the SyncApps Platform! Navatar integration is available when you have the Salesforce API enabled.

See our Salesforce integration documentation here



Best Practice for Syncing your Marketing Metrics back to Navatar.

  • You will need to select a Salesforce integration to your desired Marketing automation software to be able to use Navatar.
  1. Select 1 Marketing Initiative in your Navatar Sync Profile to sync over to your Email Marketing Platform (use 1 test record or more of which some meet your criteria)
  2. Place a few records into the 1 Marketing Initiative or if using a Filter use a Marketing Initiative to pull from the specific Marketing Initiative in your Sync Profile
  3. Make sure "Email Opt-Out" field is visible in the Contact layout used
  4. Use an empty List in your Marketing Automation solution to sync to as the Master List
  5. Press "Sync Now" 
  6. Check your Marketing Automation Platform List and/or Group/Category/Segment for the 1 Marketing Initiative or Filter now under the empty Master List now filled with unlimited records from the Trial
  7. Create and Send an Email Campaign to your List or Group/Category/Segment which you have just synced
  8. In your Sync Profile select the Specific Email Campaign to Sync feature in Step 2, choose the Email Campaign just sent & press Save
  9. Press "Sync Now" 
  10. Check Navatar Marketing Initiatives to see all metrics on the Marketing Prospects record (opens, clicks, bounces, forwards, URLs clicked or email events). Marketing Automation Campaign will be synced to the Marketing Initiative object, and each Campaign Response will create a Marketing Prospect object in Navatar.

Opens, clicks, bounces fields are automatically created by SyncApps and can be put into the layout.

The following Marketing Initiative object below was created from a Mailchimp A/B Campaign.  This may also apply to Constant Contact, VerticalResponse, and Act-On.

Check your Sync Dashboard and select Reports to review details of each Sync run test.

Run again for your team to show your team how it works!

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