Sync eCommerce Data from NetSuite to Mailchimp

Trying to integrate all NetSuite Sales Orders, Products, and Customers from NetSuite to Mailchimp to analyze eCommerce metrics?

To sync your NetSuite eCommerce data to segment based on purchases from NetSuite, please reach out to our 24/7 support so the customization can be enabled in your account.

Once enabled, you will then see the option in Step 2 of the Sync Profile:


Please note that the first sync may take a long time because it will sync all NetSuite Sales orders, Products, and Customers from NetSuite to Mailchimp to analyze eCommerce metrics.

If you already have an existing Sync Profile and wanted to update, once this option is selected, then please do not forget to Reset Sync Process and Resync.

The Store name is the SuiteCommerce Store Name in NetSuite where your eCommerce shoppers visit. See more...

For metrics like "Total Revenue Generated" and "Orders," we automatically place them inside the relevant placeholders that Mailchimp allows in their eCommerce 360 Tab on the Mailchimp record.

The eCommerce feature is for creating segmentation using purchasing data.

Please note:  When anyone taps the link to the NetSuite store from a Mailchimp Campaign and submits an order SyncApps would need to store the campaign information in NetSuite which is currently on our feature roadmap to link to Campaign ROI in Mailchimp for NetSuite eCommerce.


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