Fields not available in Field Mapping Step 4?

Looking for the fields for Field Mapping in Step 4 of the Sync Profile but they're not available?

Try these simple steps to see these fields today!

  • In Step 4 of the Sync Profile, tap "Refresh Fields", after tapping this one, see the drop-down menu if the fields you're looking for is already available.



  • In some CRM's such as NetSuite, the availability of the fields will depend on the Saved Search that you have selected in Step 1 of the Sync Profile.
  • In Delivra, for custom fields you can use the database name, for example, RePhoto_ database name is text11_ then you need to map to Text11.
  • There are also some instances that it won't appear due to the reason if the field is supported by the API.

Please shoot us a note anytime to our 24/7 support.

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