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Create Lists in Constant Contact from Pipeliner CRM

Use case:

I am interested in the List Sync Add-On but would like more information before we purchase it. I have 7 email lists in Constant Contact and a Pipeliner database.

How would SyncApps sync my contacts in my database to my multiple email lists on Constant Contact? Would I need to create checkboxes in Pipeliner for each email list and then check them on each contact for the lists I want to add them to? Please advise. Thank you



For Free Plan subscribers, you can get this feature and all others on our Basic plan + using our Filtering and Segmentation Add-On to meet this requirement.

Our Pro Plan also offers this functionality as well as down to 6-hour scheduling too.

Using Checkboxes on the Pipeliner record would allow you to use a Filter then segment each type of checkbox to a specific list in Constant Contact.

Filtering - sync records bidirectionally with specific criteria 


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