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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the new regulation for a stronger data protection of EU citizens that replaces the outdated 1995 Directive. The enforcement of this new regulation begins on May 25, 2018, and everyone is recommended to comply especially companies that process personal data of EU citizens. Cazoomi is a Cloud Data Integration Software Company that collects, stores, and transfers subscriber’s data, and is now a GDPR compliant company.

As well as the GDPR, Cazoomi is proactive in taking the steps to GDPR compliance to strengthen individual’s personal data protection with the new regulation.

Why Protect Your Data?

As technology continues to rise, it becomes strenuous to keep your personal data on the web secure. Hackers and cyber thieves can cause huge damage to you or your company if your data is not protected as it is susceptible to people who do illicit activities. When the new regulation will be enforced in May 2018, Cazoomi will be bringing subscribers more powerful rights and protection towards their personal data.

What can GDPR compliant company like Cazoomi do for you?

Data Control 

Cazoomi will be more in control of your personal information and ensure that it is handled and processed only by authorized users. According to the GDPR, we will only process data for authorized purposes, ensure every subscriber’s data is accurate and transparent, minimize subjects’ identity exposure, and implement data security measures.

Data Security

To increase security obligations, Cazoomi conducts risk assessments and security measures to lessen possible risks. And to strengthen the security of your data, we encrypt every subscriber’s data to avoid data breaches.

Right to Erasure

Also known as the right to be forgotten. This means that even after collecting your personal data, subscribers can always demand to completely erase their data from all repositories and databases.

Risk Mitigation and Due Diligence 

Cazoomi assesses privacy and security of all subscribers and also demonstrate steps to keep privacy secured. To mitigate risks, Cazoomi conducts ongoing risk assessments and implements measures to ensure security and demonstrate data control.

Breach Notification

When privacy and security are threatened and a data breach occurs, Cazoomi will notify subscribers within 8 hours and describe that data breach’s repercussion and our solution.

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