How do I integrate QuickBooks Online to MINDBODY Online?

Integrating MINDBODY Online for QuickBooks Online is super simple! Just follow these simple steps to get you started!

Note: Only the online version of QuickBooks is supported.

You will need to login to your SyncApps account. Don't have one? Sign up here!


Let's get started as it is super simple to do this setup when you get a free 10 minutes

  • On your SyncApps Account's main page, tap "Sync Profiles" and then "Create New Sync Profile".
  • Select "MINDBODY Online to QuickBooks Onlne" for the Sync Type and name the Sync Profile anything to help you remember why you set it up for easy reference.
  • In Step 1 of the Sync Profile Setup, you will just need to enter your MINDBODY Online Site ID ( MINDBODY Site ID comes after “?studioid=” at the end of your MINDBODY URL) 
  • Have multiple MINDBODY locations and wanting to sync only those specified ones? Just type in the location in Step 1 of the Sync Profile. Location is optional so if it is not specified then SyncApps will retrieve data from all of your locations within the MINDBODY site. After setting up in Step 1, hit next so that the configuration will be saved.
  • In Step 2, you will just need to connect your QuickBooks Online account.
  • In Step 3, set this stage up based on your requirements.
  • In Step 4, which is the "Advanced Settings", just enter the date of the data you wanted to sync. On first sync run or after Sync Profile reset, SyncApps will retrieve data updated after the specified date.
  • Step 5, Schedule the sync anytime you want.

You may also see the Quick Setup Guided tour.

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