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Quickbooks Online for Mindbody Online Setup with Features Explained


Hello there! Setting up QuickBooks Online and Mindbody Online integration is super simple to do once all the requirements are known.

We’re here to help! We’ve crafted this article just for you to help you understand how SyncApps works when integrating QuickBooks Online and Mindbody Online.

Before starting, take a look at our basic integration setup, as explained here:

Check out some key documentation for QuickBooks Online for Mindbody Online integration:

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Setting up your integration Set Up

You are now setting up the integration, so we are giving you an EXTRA 2 Weeks Free on us!

Enjoy 4 Full Weeks to test out all your use cases using all our features and integration capabilities.

  • Sync 1 - 1,000,000+ records or more between QuickBooks Online for Mindbody
  • Sync on Demand included for easy testing of your integration scenarios
  • Filter records from Mindbody based on criteria you need to market to each in QuickBooks Online Lists
  • Scheduling of integration or a Set Up is available on Free Trial and Paid plans (Step 6)



Logging in to your SyncApps account will land you the SyncApps Dashboard. Head to integration or a Set Ups and Once you’ve selected the integration or a Set Ups tab, tap the “Create Set Up” button.

Enter any designated name for your new integration or a Set Up as your identifier. Then in Sync Type, select Mindbody for QuickBooks Online Online". 

Step 1: Mindbody  


Mindbody Configuration

On your SyncApps Account's main page, tap "Set Ups" and then "Create New Set Up".

Select "Mindbody Online Online to QuickBooks Online" for the Sync Type and name the Set Up anything to help you remember why you set it up for easy reference.


In Step 1 of the integration Set Up or a Sync Profile, you will just need to enter your Mindbody Online Site ID (Mindbody Site ID comes after “?studioid=” at the end of your Mindbody URL)  Do I need an "Activation Code" for Mindbody Online when using SyncApps Integration?

Location to Sync (Optional)


  • Location is optional so if it is not specified then SyncApps will retrieve data from all of your locations within the Mindbody site.

Step 2: Quickbooks Online  


QuickBooks Online Credentials

The Account API URL and API Key can be found by clicking My Settings and clicking on the Developer tab on the left side of the screen and looking at the API Access section.

The API Key can be found by clicking My Settings and clicking on the Developer tab on the left side of the screen and looking at the API Access section.

Step 3: Additional Configuration  


QuickBooks Online Configuration

  • New QuickBooks Product or Service Income Account (Required)
  • Sales Receipt "Deposit To" Account
  • Tax Sync Mode
  • Sales Tax name(s) to be used
    • Please use comma separator (,) for more than one tax name.
  • Sync Mindbody Location to Sales Receipt Notes
  • Sync Mindbody Payment on Account
    • If the option is checked SyncApps will have the following behaviors:
    • If a sale contains an "Account" payment, an Invoice will be created in QuickBooks. Any partial payments will be created as payment in Quickbooks Online.
    • For a Payment on Account in Mindbody, a Payment will be created in QuickBooks.
      If SyncApps finds an invoice with matched balance, SyncApps will apply the payment to the invoice.
    • Refund to Account credit in Mindbody will create a Credit Note in Quickbooks Online.
  • Recreate deleted Customers/Products in QuickBooks Online if needed
  • Sync All QuickBooks Online Customers to Mindbody as Clients

Payment Methods Mapping


  • If any of your required QuickBooks Payment Methods do not exist in QuickBooks please create them prior to beginning your Payment Methods mapping. Afterward, please press the "Refresh Data" button after adding any new Payment Methods.

Always use the following QuickBooks item regardless of Mindbody product


Customize items mapping 


  • By default, SyncApps will use name matching for all products to be integrated. If the specified product name does not exist in QuickBooks, a new item will be created.

Refresh Data


  • Please press this button if new products/payment methods are not displayed.

Step 4: Scheduling  


Finally, the very last step. Just select the time when you would like to sync your data automatically.

Sync Scheduling Guide

Check out this video on How Scheduling Works:

Tap the "Finish" button and then Sync Now.

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