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Connect Infusionsoft by Keap with Mindbody Online

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Set up your SyncApps integration today and get started with this super simple point and press process!

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1. On your SyncApps Account's main page, tap "Sync Profiles" and then "Create New Sync Profile".

2. Select "Mindbody Online to Infusionsoft by Keap" for the Sync Type and name the Sync Profile anything to help you remember why you set it up for easy reference.

3. In Step 1 of the Sync Profile Setup, you will just need to enter your Mindbody Online Site ID (Mindbody Site ID comes after “?studioid=” at the end of your Mindbody URL)


Now, these are the following options that you can select in Step 1 of the Sync Profile setup:


  • Segment Clients by Purchased Product Name

A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each product name. Tags are synced once a day unless set to sync on each scheduled integration run in Step 6.

If wanting to sync specific Purchased Product Name then just enter them into the box below that option.

  •  Segment Clients by Classes/Events/Appointments

A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Class, Event/Workshop, or Appointment in Mindbody.

  • Segment Clients by Service Category

A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Service category. Tags are only synced once a day regardless of the scheduling configuration in each Sync Profile.

Sync Mindbody Clients with subscribing promotional email unchecked as non-marketable Contacts in Infusionsoft

Does your Studio need to ignore "subscribe promotional email" (Mindbody opt-out) so all your customers will be synced although subscribe promotional email is unchecked?

  • Sync only the following Tags to Mindbody (Optional) 

By default, SyncApps will sync all Contacts in Infusionsoft by Keap. Please specify Tag names if only Contacts with the specified Tags need to be synced.

  •  Do not sync unsubscribed emails status to Mindbody 

By default, SyncApps will set opted-out status in Mindbody for unsubscribed emails. Please check this checkbox if you do not want unsubscribed email status to be synced.


5. In Step 3, which is the Sync Add-Ons. You may skip this part now as these Add-Ons are just optional features for your integration needs.


6. In Step 4 which is the Field Mapping section, there are pre-mapped fields such as:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Address
  • Company name
  • Phone


If you want to map fields other than the above then you'll need to set that up on this part.

Generic Field Mapping Guide

7. Step 5 of the Sync Profile is our powerful Filtering and Segmentation feature. This feature can help you, segment-specific Mindbody Clients, into Infusionsoft Tags.


Filtering and Segmentation Guide

Please note that when using the Segmentation feature in Step 1 of the Sync Profile plus the Filtering and Segmentation feature in Step 5 then only records from those selected Segments in Step 1 of the Sync Profile will be filtered out and segmented by SyncApps.

So when using this feature, it is advisable to uncheck all Segmentation options in Step 1 of the Sync Profile so that SyncApps will look over to your whole Mindbody Online Database.

8. Step 6, Schedule the Sync anytime you want.


9. Once the Sync Profile Setup is complete then tap the Sync Now button.

Having difficulties or any questions during the setup? Reach out to our 24/7 Support Team today!

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