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How To Set Up Your Mindbody And Infusionsoft by Keap Setup Integration (With Features)


Before You Get Started

Before starting, let's take a look at our basic integration setup, as explained here:

Check out some key documentation for Mindbody and Infusionsoft by Keap integration:

Let’s Get Started!

How to Set Up Your Mindbody and Infusionsoft by Keap Integration

You are now setting up the integration, so enjoy 4 Full Weeks to test out all your use cases using all our features and integration capabilities.

  • Let Infusionsoft Action Sets take custom field changes from Mindbody and create Tags in Infusionsoft to kick off your marketing campaign series.
  • Segment Mindbody clients by classes, events, appointments, or purchased products. A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Purchased Product Name, Classes, Events/Workshops, or Appointments.
  • Filter and Sync only those records that meet specific criteria from Mindbody Online and vice-versa.
  • Opt-outs are managed automatically in Mindbody Online from Infusionsoft.
  • Mindbody Online always takes higher precedence over Infusionsoft. Any contact changes in Mindbody Online will always be synced to Infusionsoft.
  • Contact data is synced from Infusionsoft only if the email address doesn't exist in Mindbody Online at the time of syncing or Update Field Mapping is enabled.

General Pre-Integration Steps

Log into your SyncApps account. This will land you in the SyncApps Dashboard. Head to Set-Ups and once you’ve selected the Set-Ups tab, tap the “Create Set Up” button.

Enter a name of your choice for your new Set Up as your identifier. Then for the Sync Type, select 

Mindbody to Infusionsoft by Keap.

Step 1: Mindbody Configuration  


In Step 1 of the Sync Set Up, you will just need to enter your Mindbody Online Site ID (Mindbody Site ID comes after “?studioid=” at the end of your Mindbody URL)

Note: To use the additional segmentation features below please purchase the "Additional Segmentation Feature" Add-On first then return to Step 1 to select the segmentation features you need. Subscribe  How it works

Now, these are the following options that you can select in Step 1 of the integration Set Up:

Segment Clients by Purchased Product Name


  • A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Product name.
  • Tags are synced once a day only regardless of scheduling configuration. If wanting Tags synced each time the integration runs get in touch with our Enterprise team at the 24/7 Support team.

Segment Clients by Classes/Events/Appointments


  • A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Class, Event/Workshop, or Appointment in Mindbody.

Segment Clients by Service Category


  • A Tag will be created in Infusionsoft for each Service category. Tags are only synced once a day regardless of the scheduling configuration in each integration or a Set Up.
Note: Need to sync specific Mindbody Online clients to be tagged in Infusionsoft that cannot be met using the Segmentation options above? Use our Filtering and Segmentation today which can be found in Step 5 of the Set Up! See here How it works

Sync Mindbody Clients with News and Promos subscriptions unchecked


  • Does your Studio need to ignore "subscribe promotional email" (Mindbody opt-out) so all your customers will be synced although subscribe promotional email is unchecked?
  • Please use Mindbody customization to meet this requirement using our feature for "Sync Mindbody Clients with subscribing promotional email unchecked as non-marketable Contacts in Infusionsoft".
  • In Mindbody, USA-based customers are defaulted to checked for Subscribe to our newsletter & promotions feature and non-USA customers it will be set to uncheck.  Read more
  • Clients can also update the settings by login to Mindbody business's website: Read more
  • Mark as Marketable in Infusionsoft 


  • These records will be marked as "single opt-in" status in Infusionsoft so that they can still be used for future marketing if needed.
  • If you do not have permission, the system assigns a "non-marketable" status to the email addresses on the list.
  • Mark as Non-Marketable in Infusionsoft


  • These records will be marked as "non-marketable" status in Infusionsoft so that they can still be used for future marketing if needed.

After selecting any of the configurations in this Step then please don't forget to hit SAVE or NEXT so that the settings will be applied.

Step 2: Infusionsoft Configuration  


In Step 2 of the integration Set Up, you'll just need to Enter your Infusionsoft Application URL, Username, and Password.

The Application URL is the one that you see once you have signed into Infusionsoft.

Once logged into Infusionsoft you will see this URL.

In this example, the URL is = for Step 2 input.

My Infusionsoft Dashboard URL:


If wanting to sync in one way then just select this option: 

Do not sync new Contacts from Infusionsoft to Mindbody (One-way sync)


  • By default, whenever a new record is created from your Infusionsoft List, that will be created as a new Mindbody Online Client if the record does not exist at the time of sync. Do not want to create new Clients in Mindbody Online? Select this feature.

Sync only the following Tags to Mindbody (Optional) 


  • By default, SyncApps will sync all Contacts in Infusionsoft to Mindbody Online.
  • This feature will only sync the records from the specified Infusionsoft Tag names to Mindbody Online as clients. Please specify the Tag names if you need to sync only from the selected Infusionsoft Tags.

Do not sync unsubscribed emails status to Mindbody


  • By default, SyncApps will set opted-out status in Mindbody for unsubscribed emails. Please check this checkbox if you do not want unsubscribed email status to be synced.

After selecting any of the configurations in this Step then please don't forget to hit SAVE or NEXT so that the settings will be applied.

Step 3: Sync Add-Ons  

The Full Sync Add-On is applicable to CRM and eCommerce platforms and can be used in our trials and paid plans. The CRM must have List integration to be able to use Full Sync.

Read more about how the Full Sync Feature can automate your contact management today in our article here.

The Full Sync can be scheduled in Step 3 to Manual, Daily, or Weekly.

It allows you to keep your systems trued up with ease.

Step 4: Field Mapping  


In Step 4 which is the Field Mapping section, there are pre-mapped fields such as:

  • Email address
  • Name
  • Address
  • Company name
  • Phone

If you want to map fields other than the above then you'll need to set that up on this part.

Generic Field Mapping Guide

Step 5: Filtering and Segmentation  


Step 5 of the integration Set Up is our powerful Filtering and Segmentation feature. This feature can help you, segment-specific Mindbody Clients, into Infusionsoft Tags.

Filtering and Segmentation Guide

Please note that when using the Segmentation feature in Step 1 of the integration Set Up plus the Filtering and Segmentation feature in Step 5 then only records from those selected Segments in Step 1 of the Set Up will be filtered out and segmented by SyncApps.

So when using this feature, it is advisable to uncheck all Segmentation options in Step 1 of the integration Set Up so that SyncApps will look over your whole Mindbody Online Database.

Step 6: Sync Scheduling  


Finally, the very last step. Just select the time when you would like to sync your data automatically.

Sync Scheduling Guide

Tap the Finish button and then Sync Now. 


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