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How does Mailchimp for MINDBODY Online Work?


Set up your SyncApps integration today and get started with this super simple point and press process!

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1. On your SyncApps Account's main page, tap "Sync Profiles" and then "Create New Sync Profile".

2. Select "MINDBODY Online to Mailchimp" for the Sync Type and name the Sync Profile anything to help you remember why you set it up for easy reference.

3. In Step 1 of the Sync Profile Setup, you will just need to enter your MINDBODY Online Site ID ( MINDBODY Site ID comes after “?studioid=” at the end of your MINDBODY URL) 

Now, these are the following options that you can select in Step 1 of the Sync Profile setup:

  • Segment Clients by Purchased Product Name

A Mailchimp Group or Tag(s) will be created for each product name.

  • Segment Clients by Classes/Events/Appointments

A Mailchimp Group or Tag(s) will be created for each Class, Event/Workshop or Appointment.

  • Segment Clients by Service Category

A Mailchimp Group or Tag(s) or will be created for each service category.

After selecting any of the configurations in this Step then please don't forget to hit SAVE or NEXT so that the settings will be applied.

4. Step 2, enter your Mailchimp credentials and specify your Mailchimp Audience to be used. A Mailchimp Audience must be created manually first in Mailchimp then the Mailchimp Audience name copied to SyncApps before saving the Sync Profile.


Segmentation Method 

  • Use Mailchimp Groups

Auto creates Mailchimp Groups or Tag(s) into your Mailchimp Audience from your CRM, MINDBODY or eCommerce software.

  • Use Tag(s)

See the guide here for Mailchimp Tag(s).

  • Do not sync unsubscribed status to MINDBODY

By default, SyncApps will set opted-out status in MINDBODY for unsubscribed emails. Please check this checkbox if you do not want unsubscribed emails to be synced.

  • Do not sync new Mailchimp subscribers to MINDBODY (One-way sync)

If using multiple Sync Profiles which use the same "Audience" then select all but 1 Sync Profile as one-way sync.

5. In Step 3, which is the "Advanced Settings", just enter the date of the data you wanted to sync. On first sync run or after Sync Profile reset, SyncApps will retrieve data updated after the specified date.

6. In Step 4, set this stage up based on your requirements.

7. Step 5, Map the fields you need.

8. Step 6, Schedule the Sync anytime you want.

9. Once the Sync Profile Setup is complete then tap the Sync Now button.

Having difficulties or any questions during the setup? Reach out to our 24/7 support team today!


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