Using Mailchimp for GDPR compliancy to your CRM

Most of our clients today have been looking for the GDPR compliancy feature by using SyncApps. This is one of the most important things to do before sending campaigns to your clients. Good news! The long wait is finally over! As Mailchimp already has opened its API and SyncApps already is supporting the feature today!

Here's how you do it.

Spot check:

  1. You will need to go to your Mailchimp Master List and set the GDPR sign-up consent forms. See the guide here.  
  • Select which Mailchimp Master List for the GDPR field to be enabled. Tap the drop-down button beside the Stats button as seen in the screenshot below. Tap "Settings" then "List Name & Defaults".
  • Enable the GDPR Field by selecting the checkbox. Save then you will notice that there will be a "GDPR" beside the list name which indicates that the GDPR fields are already set.






2. Open Sign-up Forms then tap Form Builder.



3. Input the Field label then the Field Type should be GDPR. Input the names of the checkbox choices, then the description. Once done then hit save.



4. In Salesforce, create. Custom Checkbox field.

Note:  Use Checkbox field in Salesforce only for GDPR.



  1. Head straight to Step 4 Field mapping of the Sync Profile. Tap “ Refresh Fields” so that the new GDPR fields will be exposed.
  2. In the Mailchimp drop-down option, the name of the field should be “ GDPR Field: (name of the checkbox field),” select that field and select the Custom Checkbox Salesforce.
  3. Works unidirectional so the mapping direction should be from Salesforce to Mailchimp Only.
  4. Tap “Update” then Save.
  5. Hit Reset Sync process and lastly resync.

And You're all set!. Give it a try today!

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