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Map a NetSuite Field, using Action Sets, to apply a tag on Infusionsoft

Mapping your NetSuite field to apply a Tag in Infusionsoft is super simple!

See our conversations below with one of our cool subscribers as a reference. Please also note that this works the same as with other fields.


Hi there,

Is it possible to map a NetSuite field to apply a Tag in Infusionsoft?

E.g., in NetSuite Status is 'Booked,' map that to apply a 'Booked' tag in Infusionsoft.

Currently, they are being mapped from field to field.




Thank you for reaching out to us today!

SyncApps only syncs Saved Searches to Tags, yet there is a workaround for your specific requirement.

"Is it possible to map a NetSuite field to apply a tag in Infusionsoft?"

You can use Trigger actions in Infusionsoft based on NetSuite synced field changes.

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A field mapped in NetSuite could use “Action Sets” in Infusionsoft to create tags, here's an article that might be helpful for you to set up Action Sets and Rules.

How to create Action Sets and Rules

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