Syncing multiple email address per record on the Nonprofit Success Pack? Is it possible?

Do you have a record in your CRM that has multiple email addresses and you want them to sync to Mailchimp, Constant Contact, Drip or any of our other supported marketing automation solutions?

SyncApps only integrates 1 standard email field or 1 custom field.  We also integrate the standard Email Opt-Out or 1 custom Opt-Out field too.

SyncApps will integrate any of your contacts with this email in it and if not will skip the record so most nonprofits use a workflow to always populate the standard Email field with one of the emails on their record regardless of preference.

Here is an example as since we sync currently to the "Email" field then it should work fine for managing syncing records over to Mailchimp with the "Email" field filled in, however, if you want to use a non standard opt-out field we allow in our plans then only 1 custom Email Opt-Out can be mapped to Mailchimp *Unsubscribe field in SyncApps.


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