How does your 2 Weeks Free Trial work?


Welcome to SyncApps! Before subscribing to our Paid Plans, you'll want to try out our Free Trial to see how SyncApps' integration works right?

Try SyncApps without any limits!

Well, great news! Based on subscriber input this year we have now removed our 1 Campaign and 100 records limit limitations and enhanced to unlimited records to sync and be able to maximize your testing. Please note that our 2 weeks Free Trial is packed with all the Enterprise features you'll ever need.

Best practice is to have test CRM Campaign(s), Saved Search(es), Tag(s), List(s) or Marketing List(s) with test records in each for success!

It is also the best time to test our MOST powerful and subscriber used feature, Filtering and Segmentation!

After testing, you will need to check the pricing first right?

Integration-specific Pricing

Check out our general integration pricing here. There are some SyncApps integrations that do have specific pricing. Just enter your integration as shown in the screenshot below to see yours and the plan it is on.

Browse my integration now!


"Thank you Cazoomi - love your Mailchimp for Salesforce product!!"

Kerri Goodman, CoffeeTalk Media / Owner


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