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How to fix a NetSuite (Error code: INVALID_SEARCH_FIELD_OBJ) when using Saved Searches

Hey there NetSuite subscribers! Are you having a hard time troubleshooting this issue below in your integration? 

05 Oct 2020 05:47:45 ERROR Error on sync: Error on retrieving page 1 of saved search: My Saved Search. custentity52 is not a valid search custom field (Error code: INVALID_SEARCH_FIELD_OBJ)

Great! As you've come to the right article to overcome the issue. Just follow these simple steps to get your Set Up up & running again:

  • In your NetSuite account, change the Custom Field owner to another value. Save it then change it back. 
  • Change the Custom Field value on one of the customer records.
  • Head back to your Set Up then run a sync.

Just shoot a note to our 24/7 support team if the error still persists and we'll take a look!

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