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See How Volusion Works With Your Marketing Automation Solution

Setting up Volusion with your selected Marketing Automation software is super simple! 

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Got one? Great! Here are the simple steps to follow for success!

  • Login to your SyncApps account then tap "Set Ups" and then tap "Create New Set Up". After which, select "Volusion to (Your selected Marketing Automation software) as the Sync Type.
  • In Step 1 of the Set Up, enter the "Generic Customers Export URL."

Please note that Volusion Pro or Premium Plan is required to use this SyncApps.

To get the Generic Customers Export URL, please log in to your Volusion administration page, then follow the steps below:

  1. Press Inventory > Import/Export menu
  2. Press the Volusion API button
  3. Press the Run button for Generic\Customers API
  4. Press the Run button and copy the API URL as in the following screenshot:


As all admin passwords expire after 90 days thus breaking the existing integration (Export URL needs to be regenerated on password change), Volusion recommends creating an "API Admin" Customer Account.

Give the account Super Admin privileges and set up the API URL under that account. If you never log in with this account again, it will technically not expire as it cannot remind you to update.

Segmentation Strategy option:


Segmentation Strategy is very useful if wanting to track your customers who ordered specific products from your store.

If this option is checked, then SyncApps will create different List(s) or Group(s) in your Marketing Automation software based on the specific ordered product names. The records under those segmented List(s) or Group(s) are those customers who ordered each specific product name from Volusion.


*The Flowchart above shows how Volusion to Constant Contact works. In Mailchimp, Volusion Product Segments create separate Mailchimp Groups.

If "No Segmentation" is selected, then all Contacts who purchased products from your store will land on your specified Constant Contact Main List.  

Selecting "Synced Ordered Statuses" will also be included during the sync. Just select which statuses to sync.

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